People involved in the different activities

Tristan Rouyer

Tristan is a fisheries ecologist, located in Sete (south of France) in the Mixed Research Unit MARBEC. He participates to ICCAT and is involved in all Bluefin tuna related projects. Tristan completed is PhD in Ifremer Sète (2006-2007) and at the University of Oslo (2007-2008) under the supervision of Jean-Marc Fromentin and Nils Christan Stenseth. After a postdoc in Oslo (2009-2010) working on fisheries time series analysis, he integrated Ifremer in 2012 and since 2016 he is the scientific correspondent for Bluefin tuna at Ifremer. His interests are data analysis, the tagging of large pelagics and more generally in situ observation of large pelagics.

Olivier Derridj

Olivier is the main field person for Bluefin tuna at Ifremer, located in Sete (south of France) in the Mixed Research Unit MARBEC and is in charge of the aerial survey.

Sylvain Bonhommeau

Sylvain has been chair of the eastern Bluefin tuna Working Group at ICCAT from 2012-2016. He is now located in Ifremer La Réunion in the Indian Ocean (DOI), where he works on billfishes, marine turtles, biologging solutions for marine megafauna and is involved in IOTC. Sylvain is involved in most Bluefin tuna related projects.

Guillaume Bal

Guillaume is a modeler specialized in Bayesian approaches. Originally involved in Bluefin tuna, he is now working on the management of bird populations.

Jean-Marc Fromentin

Vincent Kerzerho

Serge Bernard

David McKenzie